MyLeague Manager - Using Match Day Cards

It is assumed that you are a team coach or manager and have been linked to your team by your club through LeagueNet. 

If you are not please read the following article Accessing the MyLeague Manager App

Step 1 - Select ‘Cards’ in the bottom left of the screen. If you haven't linked your profile select 'More' on the bottom right of the screen.  Then select ‘Link Profile’.  Enter your First name, Surname, and click on 'Find Profile'.  Select your profile from the list and when the next screen will displays, click on 'Send Link'.  You will receive an email with a verification link.

Step 2 - Matches will be displayed by day, date, round number, match time and the opposition team.  Select the appropriate match. Note: If you cannot locate the match then there is a custom match option available to utilise in these circumstances.

Assigning Team Staff
Start by allocating Team Staff.  Team Staff will need to be assigned within the LeagueNet database to display here. Tap on the down arrow next to each member type and a list will display.  Scroll down until you find the name and select Done.  Continue this process until all roles have been filled.

Assigning Players to a Match
All players assigned to the team in LeagueNet will be displayed.  Allocate players into the match by tapping on the button next to their name. Tapping on an already selected player will remove them from the match.  Move across to the hash symbol # to enter a jersey number and select Done.

Ordering Team Cards
Cards may be sorted by Last Name or Jersey Number and can be in ascending or descending order.  Use the options above the players list to order the cards that is best suited to you

Viewing Match Day Cards
Once you are satisfied that all team staff and players have been assigned, click on the card symbol in the top right of your screen. All cards can now be viewed by swiping across.

Information is displayed on a Card
All information on the cards is transferred directly from LeagueNet.  If this data is inaccurate please notify your club.

  • Member Type and today's date (in the top right)
  • Head shot 
  • Full Name
  • NRL Id Number
  • League
  • Club
  • Date of Birth
  • Competition and team the participant is assigned to
  • Current Coach Accreditation (Coach Card Only)
  • Current Sports Trainer Accreditation (Volunteer Card Only)

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  • 0
    peter obrien

    Doesn't work what crap it work last year but can't get it working. Not everyone is computer literate you make it harder to enjoy the game

  • 0
    Helen Wright

    HI Peter


    Thank you for your feedback.  I have created a ticket in our support site and we will assist you with any issues that you have with the MyLeague Manager app.

    LeagueNet Manager

  • 0

    Hi, I can not access my allocated teams card. Can you please advise ASAP. Thanks

  • 0
    Jennifer Neal

    Hi Julie,

    You will need to be linked in the team staff area for your particular team to be able to view cards.  Please liaise with your club in regards to setting you up.

    If you have any further issues please let us know by clicking the support button on the top right.


    NRL Digital Support Team

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