Changing a Participants Preference - Opt In/Opt out

This process may be managed at both Club and Association level, based on the Permissions set by the Association.

Preferences are available in a participants profile and can be managed by the administrator.  There are many reasons that people will have a change of mind eg.  At the time of registration they opted out but now have discovered that other team/club members are receiving ticket and special offers that they are missing out on.

Step 1 - Open the Participants Profile and select Preferences in the tabs

Step 2 - A list of preferences will display, showing every level at which the Participant has opted in to receive communications.

Note:  The column under Action displays the current status

Step 3 - Select an entity by clicking on the magnifying glass to its left.

Step 4 - When the new window opens simply check or un-check the box depending on the action you are taking and select Update

Note: Participants have the option to manage Preferences through their Profile



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