Clubs: NSW Active Kids Registration and Product Set Up

NSW Active Kids Voucher program is scheduled to return next year and like last year, vouchers will again be redeemable through the online LeagueNet registration form.

Vouchers will become available for redemption from 1st January.  A best practice guide and video tutorial has been developed to help club administrators set up their registration fee products to make the voucher redemption process as smooth as possible.

The online Tutorial and Tip Sheet will go through two scenarios. To access the Online Tutorial Click Here

  1. Registration fee is less than or equal to the $100 (value of a voucher)
  2. Registration fee is greater than $100.

Scenario 1: Registration Fee Equal to or Less Than $100.

Product Set Up:
Create your registration product as you would from any past season. For help on how to set up a registration product, please view our Setting Up Registration tutorial.

Linking the Product to the Registration Form:
Go in to the Products tab and make the new product mandatory. This action forces the product into the players ‘Shopping Cart’ but doesn’t make payment compulsory.  To make payment compulsory check the box on the Settings tab.

At this point if the voucher code is entered and validated, it is applied to this product and no further payment is required.

Note:  If a voucher is not being used to purchase the fee, payment can still be completed using other available methods. 

Scenario 2: Registration Fee Greater Than $100

In summary, there will be two products set up, the first for the value equivalent to the voucher ($100.00) and the second for the balance/difference of the total registration fee

Product Set Up (1):
Set up a standard product. Name this product something generic like this 20xx Registration Fee Deposit.  It is suggested that the name has no reference to Active Kids Voucher as this may cause confusion for any members not using their voucher for rugby league. Use the Notes section to advise players that this portion of the registration fee can be paid by either using the voucher or making an online payment via credit card or POLi Payments

Pricing – Set Single Price value of $100 which is the maximum value of the voucher and ensures that if a code is entered on a registration form, it can be redeemed to its full value.

Availability - make this product available from 1st January until your club or league closes off registrations. If you want this product available straight away, it can be made available from the 1st November.

Note:  It is recommended that this product is not made available until the vouchers are also available. This prevents members purchasing this product and then the club needing to issue a refund so they can later redeem their voucher

All other tabs can remain as they would for a standard registration fee product.

Product Set Up (2):
Create a second standard product, naming this 20xx Registration Fee Balance/Difference. Its value will be the remaining balance i.e. if the total fee is $150, make this product value $50.

Multiple pricing may be used to offer a sibling discount should your club choose.

Availability – this product can be made available immediately if you choose to make the balance/difference compulsory.

Actions – ‘Set Player Season Financial’ status for when a player purchases this product. Members should only be marked as Financial once they have completed the purchase of both products.  Whichever product you decide will be the last product purchased (either Registration Deposit or Remaining Balance), is the one that should be marked with the Financial Status.

Linking the Products to the Registration Form:
It is recommended that Product 2 be active and mandatory, forcing the product to drop straight in to the players shopping cart. The player will be forced to purchase this product up front, so is especially handy for those clubs with members registering before the vouchers become live.

Once vouchers are live the member goes back through the form and enters their voucher to complete the process.

Warning - Should the product not be made mandatory and the member chooses not to complete the online payment for the remaining balance, the voucher will get marked as redeemed despite not being properly processed. This will then require a reset of the voucher which can take a few days.

Note: It is highly recommended to have the remaining balance product mandatory through November and December so fees are still being collected by the club, then changed back to Active from January when the vouchers go live to prevent the reset situation mentioned earlier.

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