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This process should only be managed at Club level.

For the 2019 Season, the PlayNRL Club Finder has had some changes made to improve the experience when participants are searching for a club to register to.

The new features will allow clubs to promote themselves by sharing more accurate information about their club on Playnrl.com.

These changes should eliminate the problems of juniors registering to a senior club, where they are ineligible to play or players registering to a club that isn’t offering to play a team in a certain age group.

We require clubs to update and check all information on LeagueNet, under Contacts, Locator & Details. Please follow the below steps, to complete the update to your clubs information:

Step 1 – Login to the Clubs Dashboard on LeagueNet

Step 2 – Begin by updating the Contacts area. Click on the Contacts Title, under the club logo. Update the Clubs Primary Contacts for the upcoming season and click ‘Save’. The Primary contact will appear on the finder.

Step 3 – At the top of the page, once reloaded, click on Locator. Update all necessary information and ensure your clubs website is correct and updated. Within the locator area, there is a "General Information text box". Here you can add any extra information you would like to add to your club. Once finished, click on ‘Update Locator’.

Step 4 – Once the page has reloaded from saving, please go and click on Details at the top of the page. Please ensure all details are correct, especially the clubs email address. Within this are, we have five new data entry points for you to enter the correct information on the age groups and versions of Rugby League your club offers. Once this is completed, please click ‘Update Club’.

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