How do I manage the Match Day Cards?

What are Match Day Cards?

The MyLeague Manager app now provides every current registered participant with their own Digital Id Card, once they have linked their profile in the MyLeague App.

An extension of this feature is found within MyLeague Manager and is called Match Day Cards, which allows Team Managers to easily assign Players and Team staff (Coaches and Trainers) to a match and seamlessly swipe through each participant's card for verification purpose on game day.

How often are the cards updated?

Cards are updated every 5 hours based on the information that has been modified/updated in LeagueNet.

 What are the benefits of digital cards opposed to physical cards?

Previously, Leagues, Clubs and Team Managers have experienced a number of issues with the physical cards, most notably:

  • Forgetting their team ID book resulting in their team being unable to take the field.
  • Large Printing costs
  • Increased workload for Volunteers and Administrator in coordinating the issuing of physically cards
  • Cards displaying outdated information and requiring to be reprinted throughout the season.
  • Players changing Clubs and having to obtain a new card

These issues can now be alleviated as digital cards will allow team managers to simply open the MyLeague App on their phone and swipe through their team’s cards prior to the match without needing to bring the any hard copies of the player’s cards or photo books. Cards will also update if information displayed on the card I is modified/changed via the Leaguenet National database.

What should I do if I am a Team manager and phone battery goes flat or I have forgotten my Phone?

Multiple Team staff can be provided access to match day cards such as the Coach, Assistant Coach or Assistant Team Manager who will be able to assist in these scenarios. Or alternately you can sign-in on a trusty club official/player/parent nearby who has the MyLeague App. Just ensure you sign-out after the card check has been completed.

I am a Team Manager and I cannot locate the match I would like to assign cards to. What should I do?

Not to worry we have created a ‘Custom Match’ option to allow you to still utilise this feature in these scenarios. You simply just need to select this option and begin ordering your cards like you would for any other match.

I am a Team Manager and a player is not displaying in my team list?

All team staff and players assigned to the team via LeagueNet will display for selection. If a participant is not showing then they have not been assigned to the team. If this occurs on game day the participant or participants parent/guardian will also have access (if they have downloaded the app and linked their profile) to their own personal card, which if needed could be utilised in this scenario assuming the participant is eligible to participate in the match according to the competition rules.


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