Send a Member Renewal Message

Member Renewals are a great feature to send reminders to members to renew their registration.

Step 1 - From the top Navigation bar select ‘Communications’ 

Step 2 - Select 'Member Renewals'

Step 3 - From the drop down tab, select the past year of Participants you wish to send the member renewal to (Plus select if you wish to include parents) and click 'Continue'

Step 4 - You can now choose the team you wish to invite or leave blank to select all participants from the selected year

Step 5 - The screen will now display all the participants who will receive the member renewal invitation. You can uncheck any participant who should not receive the email.  Once this process is completed scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Choose Form'

Step 6 - Select the relevant form and select 'Customise Email'

Note:  'Club Player Registration Form' is the current national player registration form 

Step 7 - Customise the email and select 'Send Renewals Now'

The Participants will now be sent the member renewal message with a direct link to the registration form.



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