Add a Manual Transaction

To manually record a payment, follow these simple steps: 

Step 1 - Once you are logged in. Hover over Participants in the menu and select List Participants from the drop down menu.  

Step 2 - Select the participant by clicking on the magnifying glass.  This will open the participants record

Step 3 - From the menu select Transactions and the participants Transaction page will display

NOTE: - If the transaction that is being paid is not listed it will need to be added by selecting 'Add Transaction' and following the prompts, then return to the Transaction screen

Step 4 - Select the unpaid transaction that you want to add a payment record to and check the Pay box.

Step 5 - A payment form for the transaction will open below. Enter as much of the payment details as possible and Click on Submit Manual Payment.  

Step 6 - A confirmation screen will appear where you can double-check all the details of the payment before saving.  You now have the option to Confirm or Cancel the payment

Step 7 - If you confirm the payment a message will appear confirming that the payment record has been added to the transaction and the transaction payment status will be changed to 'Paid' 







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