Report on Paid and Unpaid Registrations

Reporting on Players who are Paid and Unpaid in your Club will enable you to track and collect unpaid fees.

Follow these steps:

Step 1 - Once you have logged in, Select Reports 

Step 2 - From the Reports menu select 'Participants'

Step 3 - A series for Participants Reports will be displayed. Select Advanced Participants

Step 4 - Click and drag the fields you wish to report on into the 'Selected Fields' area.

Suggested Fields are as follow:

Fields available under Personal Details

  • NRL Id Number - The Players NRL Id Number
  • First Name - The first name of the participant the payment was made for
  • Family Name - The family name of the participant the made the payment

Fields available under Transaction

  • Product Reporting Season - The season in which the product was available 
  • Product - The name of the product purchased
  • Line Item Total - The price of the product
  • Transaction Date - The date the product was selected
  • Transaction Status - Whether the product was paid for when select or the product may remain unpaid

NOTE:  Additional filters for each field may be set if required. 

Step 5 - Once you have selected all the fields you wish to report on, decide on your sort and grouping order under 'options' section.  You may wish to sort by Transaction Status which will seperate all the paid and unpaid participants

Step 6 - You can then choose how your report is formatted, or to save the report, under 'Report Output' and 'Saved Reports'. To view the reports select 'Run Report'.

NOTE:  This report may be run specifically to report on unpaid players by using the unpaid filter in Transaction Status. The report can then be saved and used to communicate that their fees are due. When selecting fields remember to include email address available under Contact Details. 

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