Adding Items to Products

An Item may be added to a product such as registration or may be a stand alone product.

The Item tab when setting up a product allows you to add specific details about a product including the item name and sizes.

For example, if within your registration fee there were inclusions such as a training shirt and cap for every participant you may wish to capture the size requirements at the time of registration.

To set this up follow these steps:

Step 1 - Hover over the registration tab and select Products

Step 2 - The product will open with a series of tabs. Select the tab named Items

Step 3 - Enter the Item Name ie. Training Shirt

Step 4 - In options add your first size eg. Size 8.  Then add another option and add the next size eg. Size 10 and continue until you have entered all your available sizes

Step 5 - To add a second product example Cap.  Select 'Add another Item'

Step 6 - After you add your last item and options select Update

Note:  Products may be set as mandatory by checking the appropriate box.  An Image of the product may also be added under the 'Details' Tab


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