Linking Products to Registration Form

Once all products have been created they will need to be linked to the relevant registration form.

Step 1 - Hover over the Registrations Tab and Select Registration Forms

Step 2 - Select the registration form on which the products need to be linked and click 'Edit'

Step 3 - Select the Products Tab.  All products will be now be displayed

Step 4 - Choose which products to make available for selection on the registration form by checking the corresponding 'Active' box

Step 6 - Once all changes have been applied select 'Save'

Other Options

Option - To make a product mandatory check the corresponding 'Mandatory' box.  This does not make payment compulsory it will only add that product to every person using this form to register

Option - To display the products in a preferred 'Sequence' place a number in the order in which they should display.


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