Actioning a Clearance or Permit

Clearances and Permits should be actioned daily or as soon as possible so that it doesn't delay players from completing the registration process. 

The process is as follows:

Step 1 -  From the Participants Tab select “List Online Clearances”,

Step 2 - Change the Status to 'Awaiting Approval from this Level' - all clearances requiring action will now display 

Step 3 - To display each clearance requiring action, select the 'Awaiting Approval form this Level' in the column below   

Step 4 - When the clearance opens click update the fields 'Clearance Status' and 'Approved/Denied By'.  At this point any relevant Development Fees may be added.
NOTE:  A clearance cannot be denied without a reason, refer NRL Clearance and Permit Policy

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