This process may be managed at both Club and Association level, based on the Permissions set by the Association.

Step 1 - Hover over Comp Management Menu and select Match Results.  

Step 2 - A new window will open listing all matches. Filters may be used to refine your search. Once the filters are applied select 'Show Matches'.

Step 3 - Select the 'Pre-Game' option beside the match you are editing.  

Step 4 - A new screen will load with tabs for the two teams involved in the match. Two sections will be displayed 'Available Players' on the left and 'Selected Players' on the right.

Option 1 - Add players into the match by clicking on the add button (remove players by clicking on the minus button)

Option 2 - Use the 'Manage this Display List' option to further filter the list of players displayed

Option 3 - Use the 'Auto Select Players' as a more efficient option 

Step 4 - Once all players have been added to the match, additional information such as the jersey number and position may be added. On completion select Save.

NOTE: Players registered incorrectly or unregistered will not be available for selection. Age Filters applied in a competition set up may also effect whether display for selection

Step 5 - Listed below the players is a section to assign Team Officials.  Coaches and team staff can be added to the team by selecting their name from the applicable drop down box.  On completion select 'Save Team Officials'

NOTE: Coaches and Volunteers registered incorrectly or unregistered will not be available for selection. 

Step 6:  If printed team sheets are required, scroll back to the top.  A list of available team sheets will be displayed on the right. Select the relevant team sheet for printing.  

**Refer to your Association for the preferred team sheet.

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