Request a Clearance or Permit

All Players and Match Officials changing clubs/associations will require a clearance.

If you are in any doubt whether a clearance or permit is applicable refer to the National Clearance and Policy document, NRL Best Practice Guidelines and FAQ's or Submit a Request which will be answered by one of LeagueNet support team

Step 1 -  From the Participants Tab select “Request Clearance/Permit”

Step 2 - Search for the player/match official by entering a Surname and Date of Birth only.  
(No other fields are required to be completed - Additional information may limit the search criteria)

Step 3 - Select the appropriate record from the last registered club

Step 4 - Depending on whether you require a clearance or permit the process will now vary slightly

  • Option 1 - To request a Clearance simply select the Submit Clearance button
  • Option 2 - To request a Permit complete the Permit Type, Permit From and Permit To dates and select the Submit Permit button



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