Request a Clearance or Permit

All Players and Match Officials changing clubs/associations will require a clearance.

If you are in any doubt whether a clearance or permit is applicable refer to the National Clearance and Policy document, NRL Best Practice Guidelines and FAQ's or Submit a Request which will be answered by one of LeagueNet support team

Step 1 -  From the Participants Tab select “Request Clearance/Permit”

Step 2 - Search for the player/match official by entering a Surname and Date of Birth only.  
(No other fields are required to be completed - Additional information may limit the search criteria)

Step 3 - Select the appropriate record from the last registered club

Step 4 - Depending on whether you require a clearance or permit the process will now vary slightly

  • Option 1 - To request a Clearance simply select the Submit Clearance button
  • Option 2 - To request a Permit complete the Permit Type, Permit From and Permit To dates and select the Submit Permit button



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    Craig Roder

    My son Jared signed for a club in the Group 1 area for under 16's this season. He is talented league player and the teams best trainer but is unwanted by the coach at that club, they also have too many players. Another club up the road that have less players want him and a clearance was requested and has been technically approved. The issue I have is that he has to sign up for the new club and pay his fees again and then haggle the former club in the hope they will return his original fees which he paid out of his own pocket. Talk about a way to create more friction and also how to put a negative portrayal of simply moving clubs in junior rugby league. This is an over complicated, possibly double dipping fiasco. I presume it's to do with insurance, and I do blame myself for seeing the signs last year at the former club and not acting earlier. Regards Craig Roder Mob 0428832787

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