It says “Your registration cannot be processed.....

The full message would read  “Your registration cannot be processed: 1.You are registering as new when you are a returning participant to your selected club, go back and select returning participant. 2.You are changing clubs and will require a clearance please contact your club.

This message may mean that your details have been detected in the NRL National database.

If you have been registered in another club you will require a clearance from a previous club or you may have previously registered for an NRL clinic or program. 

Option 1 - Complete the Expression of Interest for a clearance and the club administrator will initiate a clearance on your behalf from your previous club.

Option 2 - If you have not been register before "Submit a Request" and provide us with as much information as possible and our support team will assist you.

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    Grainger Glenn

    My eldest Daughter Shelby Grainger played League Tag last year with the Senior Women's Port City Breakers but it keeps saying that her Registration cannot be processed etc...she does not need a clearance and she is not a new player.It does not show her name as an option from our Family yet it shows every other of our family members as an option...I am stuck and cannot proceed....:-(

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    Ioana Masiasomua

    I am having problem to register my son Tuimanua Masiasomua who been played for Mounaties for 2 years for under 7 years for this year.  I cannot process his enrollment at all its shows his name but when I click on his name its take back to the front page again, wont allow me to continue with his application I am so frustrated and confused this processing.  Please what can I do to solve this matter.




    Ioana Masiasomua

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