Copying a Product

When preparing for a new season, you can either create a new product or copy an existing product.

To copy a product follow these steps:

Step 1 - Hover over Registrations and click 'Products'.

Step 2 - Select the product you wish to copy and click 'Copy'. 

Step 3 - A message will appear asking to confirm the action. 

Step 4 - Once successfully copied a message will be displayed on the screen - 'The Product was successfully copied'. 

Step 5 - The copied product will appear with the word 'Copy' after it.

Step 6 - Click the magnifying glass next to the product to edit it and change the name and any other details that need updating. 

NOTE: Editing an existing product will not allow you to generate accurate reports for each season. It is recommend to archive the old product to eliminate confusion . 



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