Pending Registration - Best Practice

Pending Registration 


A Pending Registration occurs when a participant registers for the first time into the national database.

The registration remains pending until it is either approved or denied 

Who is Responsible?

A.      The Club is responsible to ensure the identification is sighted and matches the data entered on the database

B.      The Association is responsible to approve or deny pending registrations

NOTE: The Association may transfer its responsibility to the Club administrator depending on permissions set in the database and local policy 

When should this process be completed

Pending registrations should be cleared as soon as appropriate identification has been sighted and/or scanned and attached to the participant’s profile.

All pending registrations should be cleared prior to 31 July in preparation for National Statistics Reporting 


Administrators will require

  • Education by LeagueNet staff
  • Appropriate access to the LeagueNet database 

Effort for Implementation

Managing a single Pending Registration is a one click process and will take 10 seconds 


Individuals entering into the database are identified prior to becoming active.

Critical data such as First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth are checked by administrator and are accurate

Significant reduction of duplicated and multiple records of an individual

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    I just need to complete the payment for my sons registration and then I'm done please need it done today

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