Online Registration - Best Practice

Online Registration 


Online Registration for players, coaches, sports trainers, volunteers and match officials are mandated by the National Registration Policy (some exemptions apply) 

Who is Responsible?

A.      The Club is responsible for ensuring bank details are configured, products are created and advertising registration opening dates

B.      All Club participants including the Player/Parent and Volunteers are responsible for self-registration each year 

When should this process be completed

The process of registration should be completed prior to players or volunteers being involved in any capacity in the game 


Email address attached to participants profile 

Effort for Implementation

The process of completing the national registration form for an individual is approximately 3 minutes and no more than 5 minutes

If the participant is re-registering most fields would be completed and may require checking and updating only 


Online self-registration by participants provides

  • Accurate and relevant data
  • Timely access to registered participants details
  • Ability to communicate with participants
  • Reduced workload for administrators
  • Acknowledgement of National T&C’s & Policies  
  • Self-management of opt-in preferences 

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  • 0

    Can you please send me a link that I can register to be a trainer for this year 2017 please

  • 0

    Please I still can't get to the registration form can you please help me out of my registration of this year

  • 0
    Simon Taylor

    I continue to receive an error message stating that my username isn't in the system.

    I find this very hard to believe as I have registered, paid for and attended a referee's course and have also paid to join my association. I obviously did all these things online, therefore had to have a user account.

    When I request an email to be sent, to reset my password, I do not receive anything.

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    please send Link for club coaching course please.

    thank you

  • 0
    Jennifer Neal

    Hi Scott,

    All courses can be found at in the Course Finder.

    If you are after a specific course please contact our support team at 


    NRL Digital Support Team

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    I would like to register my son to play this year 2019. I can only see an option to "Express an Interest to play" which I completed although I actually want to "Register to Play". Can someone please shed some light?

    He played last year and I already have a login and password.

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    Helen Wright

    Hi Bridgette

    Some clubs have closed off registrations so at this point it would be best to contact your club direct.

    NRL Digital Support

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