Club Dashboard - Best Practice

Club Dashboard 


Club Dashboards include the following:

  • Club Details
  • Contacts and Committee Members Roles
  • Venue Information
  • Club Logo 

Who is Responsible?

Club Secretary or nominated person on the Club Executive Committee 

When should this process be completed

As soon as possible following the Club AGM and thereafter whenever changes take place 


Appropriate access to the LeagueNet database allocated by the Association Administrator 

Effort for Implementation

The time for completion of all sections assuming all the information is at hand could be between 15-30 minutes depending on the speed of data entry 


Data provided in this section provides the game with the following:

  • accurate email addresses of all committee members enabling targeted communications
  • club’s venue information including longitude and latitude of clubs venue

 Enables participants to locate the venue:

  • club venue location surfacing on website with Google Map 

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