The message displaying is "I am a new member" but I'm not?

You may be using the wrong email address to register.  If you have changed your email address you have several options: 

Option 1:  You remember the email you used last year, click on the “No, I've registered before” link.

Option 2:  Update your email address through MyProfile 

Option 3:  Contact your club to have your email address updated

Option 4:  "Submit a Request" and provide us with as much information as possible and our support team we will assist you.

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    Stephen Dunstan

    I have already registered this year , why am I doing it again
    Thanks Steve

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    Helen Wright

    Hi Stephen

    According to the national database you are not registered for the 2019 season.  Please contact your club or association for further information.

    Kind Regard
    NRL Digiital Services Support

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    Rebecca Tink

    my name comes up to reregister but then i get the error that says you selected new member.... what can i do?

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    Helen Wright

    Hi Rebecca


    I've created a ticket and one our support team will respond.

    Kind Regards
    NRL Digital Services Support

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