Access & Manage Member Profile

To login into your 'Member Profile', follow these simple steps.

Step 1 - Visit and select 'Login' in the top right

Step 2 - Use your email address and password that you have set up to register

Note: If an Email/Password is linked to multiple participants ie. family members, you will be given the option to choose which member dashboard to go in to.      

Step 3 - Once you select the participant, their profile will display.

Note:  To change the member you are viewing click on 'Select Member' A drop down menu of the linked members will display. Simply click on the name to change to their dashboard.    

Step 4 - Use the menu items on the left hand side to navigate through your profile.  Choose the appropriate option to view the desired information  

Note:  To change your current email address use the 'Account Settings' option. If you change your email address you will need to update your password, you will be prompted through this process     

Step 5 - To log out, click 'Sign Out'. 




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    I am trying to change my password as it keeps saying it wrong. But no email is being sent to my email address to change it. I have tried this about 5-6 times. All I want to do is register my son for refereeing.

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    Helen Wright

    Thanks for your comment.  So that we can assist you I will create a ticket and provide you with a response.

    NRL LeagueNet Team

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    Jacintha Priscilla

    Hello I am trying to register I have recently been married and i registered under my married name anyhow I already have a profile i no longer have access to my old email address which is linked to my maiden name profile therefore I cannot register to a team at all.

    Can someone please contact me ASAP

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    Scott Brownett

    Hi I recently done the league safe certificate and the date and month for my DOB Is back to front and it also charged me 3 times to my credit card if someone could contact me please would be appreciated thanks

  • 0
    Mark HARVEY


    since the recent updates I have lost all my other accreditation detail linked to the email registered how do I recover them 

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