Access to LeagueNet

Access to LeagueNet 


Access to LeagueNet is provided to an individual based on their current role in Rugby League

Who is Responsible?

The user is responsible to sign up for an SP Passport

The Club or Association can attach the user to the section and level of the database where access is needed to perform the role. 

Association administrators should review access in clubs annually and remove users who no longer require access.

LeagueNet staff can oversee all access and may periodically perform reviews and remove or add users as required 

When should this process be completed

Access should be provided and removed on a needs basis 


  • User must have an SP Passport
  • Basic training should be provided by LeagueNet Education staff 

Effort for Implementation

This process should be completed under 15 minutes


  • Users can be easily identified by unique email and password credentials
  • System security is assured by reviewing users regularly
  • Audit log date and time stamps and records the user activity within the LeagueNet database

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