Clearances and Permits - Best Practice

Clearances & Permits 


A Clearance is the movement of a players from one club to another and is mandatory for every player who wishes to change clubs

 A Permit is the process required for a player to play between two clubs in the same season. (If a pre-existing agreement is in place by the Governing Bodies.)  
NOTE:  Refer National Clearance and Permit Policy

Who is Responsible?

A.      The Club is responsible for checking if the player has played before and then to initiate the clearance

B.      The Association is responsible to either approve or deny the clearance and to apply  development fees if required

C.      Once approved into the new club the Player/Parent is responsible for logging into the LeagueNet system and finalising the registration to the new club 

When should this process be completed

  • When a player decides to change clubs or if the club has contracted a player for the new season.
  • Clearances open the 1st Monday of November every year and close 30 June the following year. 
  • All clearances should be completed prior to 31 July in preparation for National Statistics Reporting 


Administrators managing clearances will require

  • Education by LeagueNet staff
  • Have appropriate access to the LeagueNet database
  • Be familiar with the National Clearance and Permits Policy 

Effort for Implementation

Initiating a clearance or permit should take no more than 1 minute 


Recording the movement of players provides:

  • Data to assess player pathways and movement across NRL and NZRL
  • Clubs with an avenue to collect outstanding fees or the return of club property prior to a player leaving the club
  • Forms part of the player’s footprint in the game 

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