Payments Configuration

To start accepting payments through the payment gateway the Payments Configuration will need to be set up.

Checklist - Ensure you have the following information before completing the Payments Application

  1. Legal Trading Name of Club
  2. Street Address / Contact Details (cannot be a PO BOX)
  3. Australian Company Number (ACN) if applicable
  4. Australian Registered Business Number (ARBN) if applicable
  5. Contact Name / Phone / Email of two committee members
  6. Electronic copy of clubs bank statement showing BSB and Account Number

 Linking Bank Account

  • Select Registrations from the top navigation bar then click Payment Configuration
  • Select the icon and enter the clubs BSB, Account Number and Account Name
  • Attach a scanned copy of your clubs latest back statement to verify the account 

Completing Payments Application

  • Return to the Payments Configuration screen and select and complete the payments application form
  • Promotional Code - Not required, this service is free of charge
  • Once the application has been submitted the process takes between 3-5 business days to be approved.

NOTE:  Your application may be 'Fast tracked' if required.  Contact your LeagueNet support team member

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