Assigning Players to Teams

This process may be managed at both Club and Association level

All players must be assigned to teams once the League has set up competitions for the current season.

The following process assumes the user is logged into the LeagueNet database with club administrator access.

Step 1 - Select Teams from the menu bar.  A list will display of all the Teams within the club (ensure the current season is selected in the filter options)

Step 2 - Select the first team by clicking on the magnifying glass

Step 3 - Hover over the menu item 'Participants' and select Modify Team List. 

Step 4 - Assign players by clicking on the 'plus' button.  Once all team members have been assigned select 'Save'.

TIP:  For age based teams using the date of birth filters will reduce the number of selections.

NOTE:  Only registered players will be available selection

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