Working With Children - Best Practice

Working With Children 


Working with Children is a mandatory requirement for all employees and volunteers who intend to work with children. 

Rules may vary from State to State and should be checked with your Governing Body. 

Who is Responsible?

A.      The Volunteer/Employee is responsible for applying for a working with children check, entering the details and scanning the certificate/card at the time of registration

B.      The Club is responsible to check and verify the details and ensure all volunteers/employees have the appropriate WWC

C.      The Association should oversee the process and ensure all clubs are compliant to the applicable State Policies 

When should this process be completed

All volunteers and paid employees who intend to work with or around children should apply for Working with Children Check in their State prior to applying for a role 


There are no pre-requisites 

Effort for Implementation

WWC details should be recorded in the LeagueNet Database at the time the registration form is completed online 

Adding or Editing a single WWC accreditation should take approx. 1 min 


WWC Checks are mandated by State Governments in order to keep our junior participants safe 

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    how do get my number from  for working with children 

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