Assigning Players to Teams - Best Practice

Assigning Players to Teams 


All registered players should be assigned to a team annually 

Who is Responsible?

A.      The Club is responsible to ensure all registered players are assigned to a team

B.      The Team Manager may  be responsible depending on the club rules

 NOTE: The Club may transfer its responsibility to the team manager depending on permissions set in the database and local policy 

When should this process be completed

Players should be assigned to teams as soon as the club  nominates a team into a competition (on Line) or in the case where the Association is adding teams to a competition on the clubs behalf, the club should assign players prior to the commencement of the first match of the fixture 


Administrators will require

  • Education by LeagueNet staff
  • Appropriate access to the LeagueNet database 

Effort for Implementation

Assigning players to a single team should take no more then 2 mins per team or if the club has only one team per age group it is a one click process 


Completing match statistics are simplified

Team reporting is more accurate for Associations and Governing Bodies to analyse 

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